Pod Group Multinet SIM’s Allow Strada to Introduce New European Fleet Management Solutions

Published on March 05, 2012

New SIM Cards Eliminate Roaming Costs on Different European Networks

Strada, a provider of fleet control and management solutions, has today announced that it has incorporated Pod Group’s multi-network (MultiNet) IoT SIM cards in its tracking devices, providing its clients with a European service at a fixed cost without the need to swap SIM cards or pay roaming fees. The new service covers the whole of Europe and the SIM card connects to every network in every European country.

Strada’s solutions allow its customers to optimize fleet management, reduce costs, improve the quality of their service, increase the security and comfort of their drivers and ensure productivity and flexibility. They provide information about the fleet in real time, including the whereabouts of drivers, the speed of the vehicles and their use of fuel.

For the last three years, Strada has used Pod Group’s SIMs in its fleet management devices both in Spain and France, where the company is headquartered. However, customers are increasingly demanding European coverage which enables them to use the device in any country without worrying about the roaming costs associated with local operators’ SIM cards. MultiNet SIMs from Pod Group allow Strada to integrate new products into its range of solutions for transport companies and offer a value added service to their customers.

Pod Group MultiNet SIMs have been specifically designed for mobile M2M applications which require a reliable connection in any European country. The coverage of all European networks ensures that the device remains connected even when the driver is crossing different borders. Moreover, if the connection is lost, the SIM automatically connects to the next available network. Since all European networks are included in the fixed monthly data cost, Strada can ensure that the price of its devices remain competitive even if they are traveling across Europe.

Bruno Burgeon of Strada commented; “We have been working with Pod Group for several years due to their affordable prices and the technical features of their SIMs, including the online management system and flexible data bundles as well as their personalized support service and their knowledge of our sector. With the MultiNet SIMs, we can offer our customers a new solution that opens the doors to the entire European market. As our business grows, our plans include the expansion of our service to a global level working together with Pod Group.”

Charles Towers Clark, CEO of Pod Group commented; “For the last 11 years we have worked closely with M2M companies and during that time we have developed a range of solutions which help our clients to launch their services into new markets and expand their product ranges. These solutions eliminate the traditional barriers to the rollout of M2M products into other geographical markets, such as the cost of roaming. We are very pleased to extend our agreement with Strada, a key player in the fleet management solutions market in Europe.”

The MultiNet Europe SIM is available now from Pod Group. For more information and pricing, please visit www.podgroup.com.

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