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Plug-and-play tracking reseller solution by Gurtam, ATS, Pod Group

Published on June 27, 2017

With over a million connected assets globally, Gurtam has become one of the world’s leading telematics platform providers. One of the key focal points for the Gurtam team has always been ensuring its resellers, who are primarily system integrators, have all of the right capabilities to compete effectively in the GPS tracking business.

Gurtam’s Wialon software provides numerous monitoring and account management features that allow resellers to customize the solution for their end-user customers. These tools greatly expand the possibilities for creating unique solutions for various telematics applications, but can create certain complexities for system integrators that do not have the level of technical expertise necessary to take full advantage of this feature-rich platform. Furthermore, the system integrator must also take responsibility for configuring a tracking device to operate alongside the Wialon platform, while also considering M2M SIM card data consumption and other variables.

In order to help mitigate this complexity, Gurtam has partnered with Advanced Tracking Solutions (ATS), a hardware distributor based in California, USA, and PodM2M, an MVNO with offices in the USA, Spain, the UK, and Central America.

These three companies work together to streamline the installation of the SIMs, the setup of the device, and its integration with the platform, to create a fully accessible plug-and-play solution. The solution includes an OBDII tracking device from ATS, resilient IoT SIM cards from Pod Group, and an advanced management platform from Gurtam. The three elements are separate from an accounts and billing perspective, so customers not only have a ready-to-go solution no matter their level of technical expertise, but are also free to fully customize each aspect of the solution to suit their application.

As a hardware-only solution provider, Advanced Tracking Solutions brings over 8 years of experience in OBDll deployment. With the largest deployment of any OBDll device provider in the world, ATS has firsthand experience working with customers in the US and around the globe. These tracking devices eliminate the need for professional installation, and can easily be plugged into the diagnostics port of just about any vehicle sold in the last 20 years in the US and many other countries. Offering a healthy inventory for both US and EU versions of OBDll, ATS is able to fulfill any order with little or no lead time.

The OBDII tracking device from ATS comes with sensors for VIN number, ignition state, RPMs, fuel level, vehicle battery voltage, harsh driving, and DTC codes already pre-configured to report to Wialon’s platform. Additionally, all relevant reporting templates are provided. The device is also pre-installed with a multi-network SIM card from Pod Group. The SIM connects to the best signal on device start-up, and automatically swaps networks if the signal is lost. PodM2M has agreements with operators worldwide and can cover over 600 networks in more than 185 countries on a single SIM to ensure devices are seamlessly connected even when crossing borders. SIMs can be remotely managed in real time via Pod Group’s FreedoM-2-Manage (F2M) platform and mobile app, which provide the customer with all of the tools necessary to effectively manage their data IoT connectivity.

This collaborative solution allows the system integrator more flexibility, adaptability, increased profit and the opportunity to expand product offerings with ease, all while reducing the complexity inherent in moving away from the traditional integrated model. The solution also allows for maximum control over each component of the solution as the system integrator is not tied to one specific provider or business model that may limit rapid growth.

Test units are available and any interested resellers are invited to reach out to Gurtam, ATS or PodM2M to learn more about this plug-and-play tracking reseller solution:

Sergei Leuchanka, Managing Director
Gurtam Inc.
265 Franklin st., 17th Floor, Boston, MA 02110
T: +1 617 963 3589 | F: +1 617 963 5281 | M: +1 781 535 1450

Sam Colley CEO
Pod Group USA
T: +1 415 7070 500
1161 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, 94103

Steve Harris | M2M Value Added Distributor
Advanced Tracking Solutions, LLC
T: 818.575.6636

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